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Welcome to the

Disabled Rights Action Committee

Web Site

Our Mission: "We are committed to expanding and
assuring the rights of all people with disabilities."

Our Motto: "To boldly go where everyone has gone before..."

Disabled Rights Action Committee Skeleton LogoCathy Garber, Darla Ball and others at Seattle ADAPT ActionReiko at Seattle ADAPT ActionBarbara speaks at Seattle ADAPT Press ConferenceHildegard with bullhornDan with police and protesters at White House gateKen and Doris chained to White House fence

Story of our Logo





3565 South West Temple #16
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
Phone: (801) 685-8214
Fax: (801) 685-8216
 email: dracslc@earthlink.net


Mike Marble, Chair                             
Don Reifsnider, Vice Chair
Barbara Toomer, Secretary
Patricia Bentley, Treasurer

Jerry Costley, Executive Director
     email: jcostley@sprynet.com
Cindy Stephens, Associate Executive Director

Picture of Ken Wulle on a cold DC action


DRAC would like to thank the following very generous donors:

Presbyterian Self Development of People Fund
Rick Armknecht
Community Shared
The Disabled Rights Action Committee Board








About Us  ADAPT/Utah  Access  Join Us  Upcoming Events  DRAC News  Helpful LinksText Box: DRAC/ADAPT Utah would like to sincerely thank the following donors who make our web site and all of our other activities possible.
Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People
Peace Development Fund
Community Shares
Conrad Lloyd
Richard Armknecht
Tracy Cowdell
The Disabled Rights Action Committee Board
Wild Oats
Mike Hutchings
Keith Nelsen (Pentalon)
Turnberry and Stonebridge Apartments



  Is there an issue or civil rights violation you believe DRAC should dealing with or attacking? Let us know.

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